I’m dreaming (?) …

“Miss, your resume is good but do you have experiences abroad? Do you speak english language very well? What level do you have? Certifications?”

HR People asked me that a lot of times, during telephone interviews or face-to-face, or in web form to send my resume.

laureaYeah sure, I’ve a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and another one of specialization I will finished in February, 7 years working as shopassistant – hostess – educator – HRgeneralist – assistantstoremanager. But seems everybody always wants something you don’t have.. They want perfect english skills, a second language even, an excellent both professional and academic background, they want certifications, you’ve a lot of experiences and a strong personality when you’re 23 years old, 26, 28.

I thought about that for the umpteenth time, I was annoyed, nervous, angry, sad, when on July of this year I saw Walt Disney Resort’s job offer, in Orlando, Florida.

Wow amazing! “I’ll send my resume, so nobody will call me for my defective english”. Uploaded CV, Click, sent it. The following day I received an e-mail from EURES of Milan: I had to send my english CV, to International Service, in France. Sent it, okay, “Who will call me?!”. After two days I had the reply: I will have a first telephone interview, by skype, speaking english language. Then interview, the bitten nails, my unsure english, then an e-mail, then another one, September, an e-mail to confirm me the interview on 16th October in Rome with Benito (General Manager at Patina Restaurant Group) and the others members of Disney’team, then interview, a strange feeling, then an e-mail: I was hired!.

Hired, hired hired hired hired hired. Everything happened slowly, everything happened quickly.

In those moments what do you have in your mind? What do you think? Where immediately are your thoughts? To boyfriend? to english language, to USA, to Walt Disney? What???. How can you rationalize months and years of expectations, dreams, fears, attempts, just in a single second in which you are opening an e-mail and you are reading a news like that?.

Starting on April to USA, at Walt Disney, after my degree’thesis, after the end of a immense period, for 1 year.

Wake me up. It’s a joke. I don’t believe in that. Where the cheat is?.

When WP_20141111_001 (1)I was a child for every Christmas, I never asked to Santa Claus anything like dools, cheerful surgeons or whatever. I just wanted Walt Disney box about cartoon’s of the year . My parents wrapped up the box as if it necessary should be a surprise and I was living for those few seconds in which I was unwrapping the gift, browsing depliant in every box and suddenly watching the cartoon until midnight. The Walt Disney saw me growing up and for me, it was a sort of faithful friend who tried to teach me everything with an incredible capacity.

I was hired to Walt’s Disney. Disney. Disney. Disney. USA, USA. USA. 1 year. I’m dreaming, I know.

I can’t explain emotions and adrenaline that takes you in every moment in which I’m thinking about that. The consciousness that this experience will overwhelm me and transform me, no matter how it will go or for how long it will last.

How can you think about degree’s thesis and its binding, about bibliography, meeting with my tutor, about notes of thesis that must be “valids”, not too short, not too long?.WP_20141111_002

I dream, I hope, I image. How many big is the Florida? Will I feel bad with all that umidity?. At first, I will buy a thermos at Starbucks. One of those who American people always use like in Grey’s Anatomy telefilm (I know, everyone has his problems!). Then I want to go in Miami. How much money will can I put aside?. How will be my roommates?. I will look for a excellent english school, how much traumatic will be the american english? Will be a problem the distance? Will be important in my resume all time abroad? Who selects the resumes and gives an oportunity to people like me, in a technical-time-interview, will be so smart-cultureted-withopenmind-critic to understand that a person goes to other part of the world not only to have a selfie with Minnie Mouse, but also to grow up and to have more opportunities? When I will come back at home Will I find out a job or will I return to being a post-graduate italian student, who is frustrated and anxious to never be realized?.

In my mind always goes around anything. Sometimes I think to have done the greatest thing of the world and sometimes
I doubt to wasting time for something that isn’t part of my academic background.

The chaos that in some night turn over me in bed, for anxiety, curiosity, excitement, is impalpable, strange and beautiful.

It seems a small reward to all resumes sent, disappointing replies, to sacrifies for many years spent studying and working, to every afternoon in which I said “After my master’s degree I will go abroad” and in those one in which I realized that to find a good oportunity was difficult. Everything seems all, nothing, too much, who knows.

I think about that every night before falling asleep, trying to image how will be the place that will replace the walls of this home in a few months, the different eyes that I will learn to understand and every thing my eyes will attempt to see, to photograph and to learn.

Then I fall asleep. Happy.

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