My Disney life: what has been and what will be

DSCF8361I’ve always had a strong bond with the Disney world; keeping to sing and dance cartoon songs since I was a child, I think that the situation escaped my control a little bit because…I actually found myself working in the place where all these dreams and magic becomes reality, Disneyland Resort Paris, within the “Show and Parade” department.

To work for Disney means to give yourself a challenge every day, bringing the magic in every single moment the guests are spending exploring this enchanted land; for me it also meant to have the chance to give life to amazing stories and characters which surprise children, remind distant memories and why not, give a sincere smile to the adults who are accompanying them.

Here you are, these are the ingredients of my adventure: unforgettable friendships becoming for me just like a second family; effort, lots of effort (something that not so many people keep in mind while talking about working in an amusement park, I assure you that this job requires constant commitment and cool head) accompained by a substantial amount of passion and enthusiasm in my job; dinamism, seen that the roles and places I was finding myself performing my profession were different day by day; lots of great satisfactions and moments which made me as who I am now; a pinch of craziness, in order to decide to say the famous words “I leave everithing and I get a job in Disneyland” and actually do it, something that I never repent of.

Sure, when I made my first step in Disneyland I thought it would have been just for a month, then just other three months, then the contract was renewed again and then…in my mind appeared the thought that I could aim even higher, that I could do more, that I could widen my horizons and put together the opportunities that Disney offered to me with my tireless wish to travel and know the world.

This was a little taste of what has been, now let’s take a look to what will be: Walt Disney World Orlando. A dream, for who like me worked in its Île-de-France’s miniature version. As you can witness ninety percent times speaking about America, everithing will be moltiplicated for three, four, five times. What I really expect is the new and amplificated version of my previous experience.

FloridaMapA whole year in a bigger and more variegated location, plus, located in Florida, a place I haven’t had the chance to visit yet in my traveller life, surrounded by lots of different nationalities (as a good languages student last time I left with only English language knowledge and came back with French and Spanish at a good level, this time…who knows?) with the new challenge to represent not only the Disney company but also my own Italian culture, through an employ within the Disney Cultural Representative Program, in which I’ll start completely by the beginning, seen that this time will be the round of my catering skills to be put to the test.

Every day, leaving date is getting closer and adrenalin is rising. I while away time keeping my bucket list updated. Listening and reading my future colleagues expectations I found themeselves full of enthusiasm, I become more impatient to know my new Disney family which will accompany me in my future American stages.

P.S. : preview from my bucket list, taste a nice and refreshing butterbeer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, in the Universal Studios!

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