Disney Pack!

The countdown’s app marks  41 days left for my departure, and   the famous Disney Pack has arrived a few days ago! countdown

Well, rather than a pack it’s an envelope, and not even that big…. But    holding it between my hands, as tangible proof of the adventure that’s  about to start, it makes everything a little more real. Even for someone  like me, that kept calm and rational about it until now,  the excitment  level is starting to raise up a little. After all, the waiting now will be a busy  one: there is the visa request to do and the appointment at the embassy, a  few other documents and it’s time to really start to think about what to  pack!

I know, now  you all are thinking the same question: what’s inside this Disney Pack?!

  • The first thing you’ll find is a letter from International Services in which they will explain what’s inside the pack, what will be the next steps to take and all the informations you’ll need to fill the form for the visa request. Read it carefully, everything is explained very clearly.
  • After that there’s a letter from Disney  where, among other infos, there’s the city of the embassy where you’ll have to go and , attached, you’ll find a notarized copy of the I797 form that you’ll need to bring with you at the embassy.
  • The Offer Letter  with the start and ending date of your work contract, which will be your role and how much you’ll be paid per hour.
  • An american SIM, a gift by IS, with all the info to activate it.
  • There might be other documents, depending on the pavillion you’ll work in.

If you have any doubt or question, feel free to ask in the comment section below or take a look into our program guide that you can find here!

2 thoughts on “Disney Pack!

  1. How Do I apply?? I’m 41 years old – do I have to be a student? Working for disney has been my dream for 35 years now! I’m canadian!

    • Hey Sheri,
      unfortunately we can’t tell you the exact procedure to follow for your application since we applied for the Italian program.

      Anyway, please take a look at http://oneyearintheusa.thetravelerstories.com/en/the-program to learn more about the Disney International Programs.
      Then, to send your application for the Canadian Pavilion, go to DisneyCareers website, read carefully the Job Descriptions and send your application directly from those pages.

      If you have further question, let us know. Bonne chance! 😀

      P.S. make sure to leave your e-mail in right box of this page (from mobile, scroll the page) to subscribe to our blog and follow our Disney Adventures.

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