The adventure begins – Interviewing Giorgia

Georgia has been the first one of our group to embark for Orlando, so we decided to ask her some questions that we think will be useful for both us and those who will leave shortly for this program.

At the end of the interview, we left you some photos taken in the early days 😀

La pizzeria Via Napoli del padiglione italiano del parco.

The Via Napoli pizzeria from the Italy pavilion.

How was the flight? Was it long?

Yes, especially the nine hours between Milan and New York.

In return, however, we were filled with food and drinks and we were a great group.

How was the weather outside? And inside the apartments?

There were a couple of cooler days, otherwise it’s always hot and muggy. Classic Italian climate from July / August …
Bring back though sweatshirts, jackets, cardigans, etc. for cooler days or however for traveling by bus for example, where air conditioning is always on the maximum.
In the apartments it’s cool, but you can adjust the AC.

Which apartment have you assigned? Did they respect your preferences?

I am in Patterson Court, 1 room with 3 people: an Italian and a Chinese girl.

They complied the preferences with virtually none of our group, unfortunately it depends on the availability at your arrival… it’s really a matter of luck! However I am okay, plus Patterson Court has the best gym 😛

Was it hard to get to the Welcome Center from the Airport? Do you have any advice for the next ones who leaves?

Do not overdress for the trip xD We passed from the cold Milan fog, to 30°F NYC blizzard, to about 86°F Orlando sultriness in just one day…
Wear comfortable, in layers, and leave relaxed. Once arrived, look for the floor indicated on the Mears coupon (remember to bring it with you) and with 17$ take their buses that bring you directly to the Vista Way Welcome Center.
Then from Vista Way there are buses that take you to the other residences.

Have you already opened a bank account? Where?

Not yet! I’ll keep you posted…

How many money would you suggest to bring for the first few days?

I brought 500$ and at least half of them were spent… Especially when you’ll go to Walmart for the first grocery shopping post-arrival! xD
Keep in mind that you need them for 20 days and you have to buy everything for the house, grocery shopping, some meals out of home in first few days, etc…

Any advice for the mobile carrier? Which offer did you choose with yours?

First of all, as soon as you’ll land into USA, your mobile will stop working and it’s pretty hard to find the WiFi, or so it was for us.
Most of us took advantage of a limited time offer from T-Mobile, exclusively available at Walmart, that for 30$ per month gives you unlimited data & SMS, plus 100 min of national calls. At home, you can use the apartments WiFi like in other parks location or residence areas.

First few days: how did they go? What have you done?

The first few days we took advantage of our free time, between a commitment to another (most of them were Welcomes from Disney and Patina), to know each of us, doing shopping or touring around here.
Know that, if you will have the same schedules as us, there will be one wake up at dawn.

Have you already visited the parks? Favorite park and attraction?

At the moment we visited Downtown Disney, both during day and night (House of Blues 😉 ) and Hollywood Studios. On Friday, when many of us will be off, we’ll probably go visiting Magic Kingdom and Epcot as soon as we are able to…
Favorite attraction, uhm… probably the Hollywood Tower in the Hollywood Studios for now.

Thanks Giorgia, break a leg: see you in June! 😀

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