The adventure begins – Interviewing Giorgia

Georgia has been the first one of our group to embark for Orlando, so we decided to ask her some questions that we think will be useful for both us and those who will leave shortly for this program.

At the end of the interview, we left you some photos taken in the early days ūüėÄ

La pizzeria Via Napoli del padiglione italiano del parco.

The Via Napoli pizzeria from the Italy pavilion.

How was the flight? Was it long?

Yes, especially the nine hours between Milan and New York.
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Disney Pack!

The countdown’s app marks ¬†41 days left for my departure, and ¬† the famous Disney Pack has arrived a few days ago! countdown

Well, rather than a pack it’s an envelope, and not even that big…. But ¬† ¬†holding it between my hands, as tangible proof of the adventure that’s ¬†about to start, it makes everything a little more real. Even for someone ¬†like me, that kept calm and rational about it until now, ¬†the excitment ¬†level is starting to raise up a little. After all, the waiting now will¬†be a busy ¬†one: there is the visa request to do and the appointment at the embassy, a ¬†few other documents and it’s time to really start to think about what to ¬†pack!

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